Random Thoughts for a Friday – November 9, 2012

  •  Been a long week. Thank God for a day off.
  • Watching a new Anime series called Sword Art Online.  It’s about a group of players that get trapped inside a MMO.   The game is played using full VR suits, if they die or their VR suits come unplugged, they die in Real Life.
  • They can eat and such in the world and it makes them feel full, but it isn’t real food. I’m assuming that people are keeping their bodies fed on the outside somehow.
  • Watch the first episode by clicking here.
  • Here is another track from the movie Drive.  It is called Tick of the Clock.  The band is called Chromatics
  • The soundtrack for Drive is one of my favorite soundtracks for a movie in recent years. It is just so atmospheric and works with the movie well.
  • I could go for some Sushi.
  • Do you have a past relationship where the best thing about it is the food you ate? That is how I feel about one past relationship and sushi.
  • I don’t miss the girl,  but man do I miss the food.
  • Going to cut it off here this week. I’ll talk to you all on Monday!

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