So Long, and thanks for all the Fish*

* with all apologies to Douglas Adams


Dear all that are interested.

I’m going to be closing down this blog soon. This update will probably be one of the last updates I’ll have at this particular location. The main reason is because I’ve had a website that has suffered the indignity of not being worked on since early this year. The website calls to me and I must answer. Therefore I’ll be moving this blog to the much neglected website.

I’ll still be using WordPress but I’ll be using the software version instead. This will give me much more control over my site design without having to pay certain fees for this ‘free’ blog. Not that I’m complaining about the fees, mind you, since everyone has to make a living. I do find that I get a tad irritated that I can’t do simple things like change the colors of my theme without paying money. I’ve been cool with that for a few years and have even contemplated paying that price. I find this system is good for those that don’t have their own web-domain and host, but I am not one of those people.

I also want to start presenting myself in a bit more professional look and style. My new website will be focused on my career with a focus on writing examples and a portfolio. However, my blog will still be me. I want my blog to reflect this so I won’t have anyone able to post entries without my specific approval. I do have one or two people who have that privileges on this blog. Their input on the new blog will be a bit more limited. However, I’d like to start finding more people to guest post but not necessarily give them the keys to the kingdom. This doesn’t reflect badly on anyone that has posted here. I guess my goals for my blog have changed since I started the current iteration of Random Thoughts. That happens in life. We grow, we live and we sometimes have to move on.

I should have my new site up by Monday, July the 7th. I will post the details at that time. Thank you all for being readers of Random Thoughts and I hope to see you over at my new site.


– Warren C. Bennett



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