Chillin’ At Sky Harbor

I haven’t been to Sky Harbor International Airport in close to 20 years.  Coming off the United aeroplane into the terminal, I noticed it looked almost exactly the same as it did when I saw it last, which is not exactly a good thing. There are football field lengths of this brownish swirly carpet that looks like the worst part of the 80’s vomited up debris and called it good. The chairs are functional but ragged, maybe having been updated sometime in the 90’s.  There are some concessions to the modern age like flat screen monitors and signs espousing wifi, but it would be easy to use this terminal as a set for something from two or three decades ago.

I’m all for doses of nostalgia, but seeing Terminal 2 at Skyharbor makes me wonder if the powers that been have updated the decor at all within my lifetime.  It sure doesn’t look like it.  Sometimes I come back to places and have a warm fuzzy feeling “This place hasn’t changed!”  Sometimes I come back to a place while scan the worn out decor and think “…this place hasn’t changed.”  Take a look for yourself:


Hello Arizona, I am back.

Almost to the day of leaving Arizona in 2016, I am here for a weekish long visit.  I am excited and nervous to be back, even for a little while.  I know one thing: I crave tacos. Lots and lots of tacos and other bits of Mexican goodness.

I can already feel the heat radiating off the windows and smell the great Mexican food in the air.


A few new Random Thoughts


I haven’t posted in this blog since 2014. A couple of weeks ago I had a thought that I’d clean the place up a bit and start posting again. I sat in wonderment about all the content that was on this blog, a place I thought of as dead and buried. I went through all the old pieces, wondering if I should keep them visible or not when I saw the date of my last post. July 3rd, 2014. That date hit me like a punch in the gut.

For those of you that don’t know, the last two and a half years have been pretty hard for me. I spent most of the time taking care of my mom who was terminally ill. She came down with (Developed? Contracted? I don’t know the right term) that demon cancer. I had moved from Arizona in 2012, moved back to Arizona to take care of her in March/June of 2014 and left again near the end of November 2015 when it seemed the cancer was in remission. I came back a mere four months later when the cancer came back with a vengeance take care of her again. She passed away on July 3rd of this year, going home to her Father after a hard-fought battle.

I saw the date on the last post for this blog and it stopped me in my tracks. Two years to the day I stopped posting on Random Thoughts… When I stopped, I had no idea what the future would bring. I didn’t know I’d be going back and forth from New York to Arizona so often. I had no idea I’d be spending the last days with my mom, taking care of her as she left this mortal coil. I had no clue that I’d be sitting here now in her old apartment, a month after she passed, trying to take stock of my life and get myself back together.

Life is funny that way. You never know what is going to happen. (I could say it’s like a box of chocolates, but hat is way over done. In all honesty, you only don’t know what you are going to get if you don’t read the insert that tells you the type of each chocolate in the box. Unfortunately, life doesn’t come with such an insert.)

So here I am, sitting in Arizona, thinking about New York and restarting Random Thoughts. I made all the posts private for now, since I want to start with a clean slate and a very minimalistic page with a clean design. I only have a vague sense how I’m going to use this blog but I do have ideas. I will probably restart columns like Random Thoughts for a Friday again while reviewing movies and games. I will also write about my own triumphs and struggles as I go through life and my experiences as a writer. I will pontificate on various subjects that I find interesting, from the history of game companies to the ins and outs of being a Christian in the modern world. I’m sure there will be lots of music from the 80’s and various other pieces that strike my fancy. In short, this blog will continue to be a reflection of my own varied interests and random thoughts.

I hope you all will stay for the ride. I have a strong desire to start writing again and blogging is a good way to do that on a regular basis. It’s been a tough couple of years and I’m going to be using this blog as a catharsis of sorts. It will help me focus on the future, cut through the emotional baggage I’m carrying and just help me to have fun again.

I miss just being silly and having fun.

Welcome to Random Thoughts. Or welcome back to Random Thoughts. You can be sure it will be random and hopefully thoughtful. I hope my writings make your day better in some small way.

May God Bless y’all.