Chillin’ At Sky Harbor

I haven’t been to Sky Harbor International Airport in close to 20 years.  Coming off the United aeroplane into the terminal, I noticed it looked almost exactly the same as it did when I saw it last, which is not exactly a good thing. There are football field lengths of this brownish swirly carpet that looks like the worst part of the 80’s vomited up debris and called it good. The chairs are functional but ragged, maybe having been updated sometime in the 90’s.  There are some concessions to the modern age like flat screen monitors and signs espousing wifi, but it would be easy to use this terminal as a set for something from two or three decades ago.

I’m all for doses of nostalgia, but seeing Terminal 2 at Skyharbor makes me wonder if the powers that been have updated the decor at all within my lifetime.  It sure doesn’t look like it.  Sometimes I come back to places and have a warm fuzzy feeling “This place hasn’t changed!”  Sometimes I come back to a place while scan the worn out decor and think “…this place hasn’t changed.”  Take a look for yourself:


Hello Arizona, I am back.

Almost to the day of leaving Arizona in 2016, I am here for a weekish long visit.  I am excited and nervous to be back, even for a little while.  I know one thing: I crave tacos. Lots and lots of tacos and other bits of Mexican goodness.

I can already feel the heat radiating off the windows and smell the great Mexican food in the air.